I’m writing a book…Pro: SQL Server 2012 Practices

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I have not posted on my blog for quite a while. I had some issues develop in my personal life that I had to take care of but the larger reason is that I have been working on a book project with some pretty amazing people like Chris Shaw (Blog | Twitter), Grant Fritchey (Blog | Twitter), TJay Belt (Blog | Twitter), and Jes Borland (Blog | Twitter) just to name a few.

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The book is going to be a collection of advice and pro tips from a host of very accomplished Data Professionals. It will include deep dives into extended events, automation of KPI, and analysis into I/O patterns. My chapter will cover Compliance and Auditing.

It has long been my desire to become an author and I was honored when Chris asked me to participate in the project. The book is available for pre-order and is slated to be released in November. But don’t wait, pre order now. The book page and order information can be found here.

Jonathan GardnerI’m writing a book…Pro: SQL Server 2012 Practices