Windows Azure, The Cloud, and all that Jazz

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In a previous post, Office 365 for the Enterprise, I reviewed many of the themes that permeated conversations with customers and potential clients regarding Office 365. I have found myself having similar discussions regarding Windows Azure and “The Cloud”. Neither of these surprise me for similar reasons. In an effort to sell things, the good folks down in Marketing decided to run with terms that were vague. This is not entirely their fault, but I end up explaining the concept and the product quite a bit, so I figured that I would set the record straight. The Cloud When I see an ad like the one above, I often end up more confused than I was before I viewing it. In …

jgardnerWindows Azure, The Cloud, and all that Jazz
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Office 365 for the Enterprise

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With my role at Geocent as the Infrastructure Practice Lead, I have spent quite a bit of time working with clients come up with solutions to their complex business needs.  That has given me a lot of time to really review and discuss the wide range of options available.  As I talk with IT leaders across the country, not a conversation happens that we don’t talk about the cloud in some way.  While many things in IT end up as simply a buzz word, the cloud has really changed the dynamic on how we architect solutions.  One of the solutions I end up discussing quite a bit is Office 365.  I recently gave a series of presentations on the topic.  …

jgardnerOffice 365 for the Enterprise

Executive Briefing at Microsoft

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It is no secret that I am a fan of Apple’s products. I carry a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, and talk about how much I love them to everyone who will listen. What you typically won’t hear me rant and rave about is how I think Microsoft really “gets it” …

Jonathan GardnerExecutive Briefing at Microsoft