Book Review: The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry

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The title caught my eye but it was the association with the content that really made this book resonate with me.  Creatives are not only artist or writers but people also include anyone who’s job function is to create like consultants and architects. I fall into that group and struggle with the main premise of the book, burnout.  Maintaining consistency in a delivery product can be very challenging and many of us don’t know how to handle creating at a constant pace. Todd outlines a framework that is designed to aid creatives in combatting burnout and increasing their productive bandwidth. After a few months of implementing Todd recommendations, I have been able to clear out a large portion of my backlog …

jgardnerBook Review: The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry

ExpressRoute: An MPLS Connection to Microsoft Azure

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I have tried to focus my posts regarding the cloud on how it can actually be leveraged in your environment. My goal is to relate actual solutions and use cases to business challenges we see with our customers daily. This post is no different. As organizations look to move to leverage the cloud, network administrators need to work to ensure a smooth, secure connection. While a secure connection can be made over the web, a dedicated VPN connection was made available to provide a secure link and allow on-premises resources to be extended to the cloud. ExpressRoute provides even richer capabilities by allowing a dedicated MPLS connection to Azure. There are two main options for connectivity with ExpressRoute; through a …

jgardnerExpressRoute: An MPLS Connection to Microsoft Azure

My Weekend with Uber

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The car hiring service Uber has been in the news lately raising $1.2B in funding but it was not until my recent trip to Houston that I was able to use the service. My experience was nothing short of brilliant. I have used cabs all of the world and expected my experience with Uber to be similar.  Smelly, dirty, rude, and expensive could all be used when describing most of the cabs that I have ever used.  Uber has certainly disrupted that model and it is clear why cab companies are fighting to keep them out of their cities.  They will be forced to significantly change to keep pace. Hiring Experience I have used apps on my phone to try and get …

jgardnerMy Weekend with Uber
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Cloud Integrated Storage on Windows Azure

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For quite some time in IT I have heard people say “storage is cheap”.  I am not sure why this saying came about, but anyone who has purchased a new SAN or added storage to their environment can probably testify that is simply not true.  Adding space or creating a Storage Area Network is not cheap or trivial a task.  With the explosion of data, the demand for this storage continues to grow.  Organizations I have talked to in just the past few months have had challenges keeping archived email and files, storing image files that support their applications, and then needing to backup this data offsite.  These conversations have traditionally led to discussions around data tiering and how to push …

jgardnerCloud Integrated Storage on Windows Azure

Cloud Economics: Managing Sticker Shock

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I have been writing a lot about the cloud lately and not because it is the new thing to talk about right now.  There are some real advantages that add tremendous value back to the enterprise.  One of the challenges for organizations that start to scale out to the cloud is sticker shock.  Moving to the cloud has become easier and easier but maximizing the value can be a challenge.  In fact, sometimes it becomes more expensive.  The stages of cloud economics every company goes through are to scale up, scale down, and leveraging of profit centers.  Many organizations stumble in the first stage because when they scale up they get the first bill and are in sticker shock.  This post will discuss cloud economics and …

jgardnerCloud Economics: Managing Sticker Shock

Infrastructure is Dying: Moving forward in a Cloud World

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This might be hard for some people to hear or accept but infrastructure as we know it is dying. Days of companies managing racks of servers are going the way of the dinosaur. Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace, and many more are now offering cloud services like Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that are changing the game. Before people try to tar and feature me, be honest with yourself. Is your data REALLY more secure in the closet down the hall or room in the building?  Do you really have the economies of scale that these vendors have? Has your current data center passed the audits necessary to be ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified or SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 or …

jgardnerInfrastructure is Dying: Moving forward in a Cloud World